Changes in the Board of Management of IVG Immobilien AG

Bonn, 01/18/2017

  • CFO Rolf Glessing to leave company following OFFICEFIRST transaction 
  • David Canals Imohr to become new CFO as internal successor

Bonn, 18 January 2017 – Following the successful sale of its OFFICEFIRST Immobilien AG subsidiary, the parent company IVG is reorganizing its top management. By mutual arrangement on the best possible terms, CFO Rolf Glessing will be leaving the company as of 31 March 2017. The Supervisory Board has appointed David Canals Imohr, IVG’s previous head of “Accounting and Taxes” as his successor. He will join the Board of Management from 1 March 2017.

Rolf Glessing was appointed as a member of the company’s Board of Management and its CFO after the conclusion of IVG Immobilien AG’s insolvency proceedings in September 2014. As the CFO of the Bonn company, Glessing (54) was jointly responsible for spinning off the strategic core portfolio of around 100 properties worth approximately EUR 3.3 billion as the company OFFICEFIRST, the sale of which to the US Blackstone Group in November 2016 marked the successful return of IVG’s property business to the capital market. Glessing was also involved in establishing the subsidiaries TRIUVA and STORAG ETZEL as independent companies, thus completing IVG Immobilien AG’s transformation into a pure play financial holding with a completely new ownership and financing structure.

“The company and its owners owe Mr Glessing a debt of thanks,” said Dr Nedim Cen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of IVG Immobilien AG. “With his great experience of difficult restructurings and his considerable technical expertise, he played a large part in the successful repositioning of the IVG Group. We wish Mr Glessing the very best for his personal and professional future.”

In David Canals Imohr the Supervisory Board of IVG Immobilien AG has found an internal successor for the position of CFO and a highly skilled financial expert. “We are delighted to have won Mr Canals for this role,” said Dr Nedim Cen. “Over the past approximately ten years he helped to guide and implement all the key changes at the IVG Group as one of the Board’s closest advisors, and he is therefore excellently suited as the successor to the position of CFO. We are happy that Mr Canals Imohr, as a member of the Board of Management, can help to oversee the challenges it will now face and help shape events through to their conclusion.” Canals Imohr (48) has been with IVG Immobilien AG since 1998 and has been in charge of Accounting and Taxes since 2008. He will join the company’s Board of Management from 1 March 2017 and take over Mr Glessing’s duties as CFO on his departure.

IVG Immobilien AG

IVG Immobilien AG is a financial holding company that focuses on exercising shareholder rights in its equity investments. Within its investment portfolio, it is the sole shareholder of three operationally autonomous and independent companies:

  • OFFICEFIRST Immobilien AG is one of the largest holders of office property in Germany with around 100 properties with a total value of approximately EUR 3.3 billion.
  • TRIUVA Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is a leading provider and manager of structured property products for institutional investors in Germany with assets under management of around EUR 9.7 billion.
  • STORAG ETZEL GmbH is a company in the energy logistics industry that operates more than 70 underground storage facilities at its Etzel location in East Frisia for energy sources such as gas and oil. It is the only independent provider of underground storage in Germany.


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